LG OEM Remote Control AKB75055701 for LG TVs

LGSKU: LG0AKB75055701

Sale price$18.00


LG Remote Control AKB75055701

Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part

Originally shipped with and compatible with LG TVs: 65UH6550 47LN5200 55LN5200 60PN5300 49UH6500 55UH6150 55UH6550 60UH6150 60UH6550 55LN5400 32LF5850 42LF5850 32LF585B 32LF585BDE 32LF585BSE 32LF585D 32LF585DDE 42LF5850DE 42LF5850SE 42LF585T 42LF585TDE 55LF5850 55LF5850SE 60LB5800 60LF5850 60LF5850SE 24LF4820 24LF4820173BU 24LH4830 32LF595B 32LH550BUA 32LH570BUC 32LH573BUA 42LA6200 43LF5900 43LH5500UA 43LH5700UD 43LH570AUE 43UF6400UA 43UF6430UB 43UF6800 43UF6800UA 43UF6900 43UF6900UC 43UF7300 43UF7300UT 43UH6030 43UH6030UB 43UH6030UD 43UH6100 43UH6100UH 43UH610A 43UH610AUJ 43UH630UD 43UH6500 43UH6500UB 43UH7500 43UH7500UA 47LA6200 49LH5700UD 49LH570AUE 49UF6400 49UF6400UA 49UF6430 49UF6430UB 49UF6490 49UF6490UB 49UF6800 49UF6800UA 49UF6900 49UF6900UC 49UF7300 49UF7300UT 49UH6030 49UH6030UB 49UH6030UD 49UH6090 49UH6090UJ 49UH6100 49UH6100UH 49UH610A 49UH610AUJ 49UH6500 49UH6500UB 49UH7500 49UH7500UA 49UH7700 49UH7700UB 50LA6200 50LH5730UA 50UH5500 50UH5500UA 50UH5530 50UH6300 50UH6300UA 55EA8800 55EA9700 55EA9800 55EA9850 55LA6200 55LA7100 55LA9650 55LA9700 55LH5750UB 55LH575AUE 55UF6430 55UF6430UB 55UF6450 55UF6450UA 55UF6790 55UF6790UB 55UF6800 55UF6800UA 55UF7300 55UF7300UT 55UH6030 55UH6030UC 55UH6090 55UH6090UF 55UH615A 55UH615AUC 55UH6550UB 55UH6150UB 55UH6550UB 55UH7500 55UH7500UA 55UH7650 55UH7650UA 55UH7700 55UH7700UB 55UH8500 55UH8500UA 58UH6300 58UH6300UA 60LA6200 60UF7300 60UF7300UT 60UH6030 60UH6030UC 60UH6035 60UH6035UC 60UH6090 60UH6090UF 60UH6150 60UH6150UB 60UH615A 60UA615AUC 60UH6550 60UH6550UB 60UH7500 60UH7500UA 60UH7650 60UH7650UA 60UH7700 60UH7700UB 60UH8500 60UH8500UA 65LA9650 65LA9700 65UF6450 65UF6450UA


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