LG Microwave Charcoal Filter 5230W1A003A for LG Microwaves

LGSKU: LG05230W1A003A

Sale price$29.99


LG Microwave Charcoal Filter 5230W1A003A for LG Microwaves

Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part

This charcoal filter originally shipped with and is compatible with the following LG Microwaves: LMH2235ST, LMHM2237BD, LMHM2237BD/01, LMHM2237ST, LMV1645SB, LMV1645SB01, LMV1645ST, LMV1645SW, LMV1645SW01, LMV1650ST, LMV1650ST-01, LMV1650SW, LMV2031BD/00, LMV2031SB, LMV2031ST, LMV2031SW, LMV2053SB (ABKELGA), LMV2053SB/00, LMV2053ST (AS1ELGA), LMV2053ST/00, LMV2053ST/01, LMV2053SW (AWHELGA), LMV2053SW/00, LMV2053SW/01, LMV2061SB (ABKELCA), LMV2073BB (ABKELGA), LMV2073BB/00, LMV2073BB/01, LMV2073BB01, LMV2073ST (ASBELGA), LMV2073ST/00, LMV2073WW (AW1ELGA), LMV2073WW/00, LMV2073WW01, LMV2083SB (ABKELGA), LMV2083SB/00, LMV2083ST (ASBELGA), LMV2083ST/00, LMV2083SW (AWHELGA), LMV2083SW/00, LMVH1711ST, LMVH1711ST/00, LMVH1750SB, LMVH1750SB/00, LMVH1750ST (AS1ELGA), LMVH1750ST/00, LMVH1750SW, LMVH1750SW/00, LMVM1945SB (ABKELGA), LMVM1945SBQ (ABSELGA), LMVM1945SW (AWHELGA), LMVM1945T (ATGELGA), LMVM1955SB (ABKELGA), LMVM1955SBQ (ABSELGA), LMVM1955ST, LMVM1955SW (AWHELGA), LMVM1955T, LMVM2033SB/00, LMVM2033ST/00, LMVM2033SW/00, LMVM2055SB (ABKELGA), LMVM2055ST (ASBELGA), LMVM2055SW (AWHELGA), LMVM2075SB (ABKELGA), LMVM2075ST (ASBELGA), LMVM2075SW (AWHELGA), LMVM2085SB (ABKELGA), LMVM2085ST (ASBELGA), LMVM2085SW (AWHELGA)

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